Phlebotomy Jobs In Pennsylvania- A Respectable Secured Job in Health Care Sector

phlebotomy-certificationIn Pennsylvania, phlebotomy requirements are abundant in healthcare centers, children hospitals, behavioral health centers, scout camps and therapy clinics. A phlebotomist in plain terms means a trained medical professional who draws blood from the body as a part of blood transfusion procedure, for various purposes like research, donation, clinical test and future storage. The process by which a certain artery, usually the brachial artery is punctured for collection of blood in minute quantities, is called venipuncture or phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy jobs in PA are of the following types

  1. Part-time Phlebotomist requirement at University of Pennsylvania

A part-time Phlebotomist has to dedicate at least seven hours of the day in performing the work of phlebotomy on aged, infant and adult patients, for diagnostic testing. Also he/she should take up the responsibility of processing all types of laboratory blood samples. When appointed by the University of Pennsylvania, or its offshoot laboratories, the phlebotomist must conform to its policies and safety rules. Also it is his duty to maintain confidentiality of the blood test records of patients at all times.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school degree or GED required, along with Phlebotomy training certificates.
  • Experience in a hospital setting is desired, though not mandatory.
  • Phlebotomy training should be accredited to American Society for Clinical Pathology, for a part-time Phlebotomist job.
  1. Part-time/ Full-time Phlebotomist requirement at medical centers

A part-time/ full-time Phlebotomist in a medical center is concerned with the duty of collecting blood samples, through venipuncture from inpatients as well as outpatients. From time to time, he may be involved in receiving other biological samples such as sputum, stool and urine, or performing glucose testing and injections to bedridden patients. He should verify and update the demographic and insurance information of patients in the hospital records.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school diploma degree or a GED.
  • Phlebotomy training of six months at least, along with internship though certified training programs. Prior hands-on Phlebotomy experience at a clinical setting, is usually compulsory.
  • Ability to read, write,comprehend, follow instructions and general computer skills.
  • Ability to climb, lift heavy weight and work tirelessly.
  1. Assistant phlebotomist at Westmoreland hospital

Assistant phlebotomists at hospitals of Pennsylvania, are charged with the duty of utilizing a variety of puncture techniques to perform phlebotomy, keeping in mind certain age-specific requirements. They are also accountable for accurate entry of data with respect to order of collection, verification as well as further processing of blood samples. They act as intermediary agents between patients and diagnostic labs of the hospital and are engaged with the timely output of reports.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Adequate knowledge of laboratory testing to the level that is gained after completion of a clinical assistant program.
  • Valid Pennsylvania state driver’s license.
  • General computer skills, technical knowledge of PC’S.
  • Knowledge of adult-focused Phlebotomy and laboratory terminology.
  • Capacity to work for extra hours as hospital emergencies are always unforeseen.


  1. Entry-level phlebotomist at Geisinger Health System, Pennsylvania

Phlebotomists at health systems are charged with the duty of routine blood collection, processing and final verification of output results. It is a part-time job essentially and it is open to freshers who have no experince in phlebotomy, but possess certified training in the same.

Minimum Requirements: High school diploma and certified training in medical assistance or phlebotomy.


With such a wealth of phlebotomy jobs in PA, one has a huge number of options to consider, before making a decision. All these jobs offer attractive incentives and lucrative growth in career. Moreover there are jobs for all grades of phlebotomy, from fresher jobs and part-time jobs, to assistant or full-time phlebotomy.